About us

KaratPlus has taken Digital Laser Repair seriously for their valued customers day to day repair requirement. So serious, we have invested in the new digital technology laser system, which means we can offer cheap and reliable jewelry repairs, quick turnaround and amazing quality – an amazing combination! with state of the art digital laser capabilities now available, it’s never been easier to target your new and existing customers with personalized repairs.

Our system allows ease and flexibility to produce literature newar equal quality to laser repairs on any repair numbers you want. The possibilities in jewelry repair communication are now endless. From ring-sizing to diamond replacement etc.

Every wonder why short digital laser repairs runsdon’t have quite the same appearance as your longer repair project. While digital laser repair may never be an exact match. KaratPlus has come up with a solution that brings them very close in appearance. Quality is excellent for even very short time schedule.

Who Are We?

Karat Plus is a locally owned Jewelry Repair store that specializes in on-site jewelry & watch & Eyeglass repairs,Our jewelry repairs include soldering broken jewelry, ring sizing, and setting stones. The watch repairs include watch batteries, watch bands, watch crystals, and watch movements. We also repair broken eyeglasses through Laser Welding, We buy gold and give top prices as well. Any further questions call us at (864) 254-9439

Our Mission and Promise to You

KaratPlus has a mission to provide you with the best-quality printing services and products. We promise to do the right repair job on time every time and to exceed the expectations of our valued customers, by staying within your repair budgets.

Why Choose Us

The Repair Shop Which Delivers the end results

KaratPlus understands the importance of your valued time at your business as you have more things to do during your business day than just your repair service needs. Whereas Repairs is our main business and are the most important projects to us. KaratPlus goal is to work with you to from first point to end result which will make repair process easy and will have the finished products in your hands on time every time. We are experts at handling all of details and different aspect of your individual repairs needs. We’re not afraid to ask questions and strive to help you find solutions to any repairs or design problems. You can feel confident leaving the repairs to us while you go on with the rest of your busy day.

Repairs On Time, every time

KaratPlus is proud of offering the most reliable and fastest custom repair services to its valued clients as much as possible. “We needed it yesterday” is a phrase we often hear and we always try to meet our customer’s deadlines on time every time. When you are ordering your repairs projects from KaratPlus, We make every effort to establish  reasonable deadlines while providing the highest quality repair materials that doesn’t end up costing you more just because you needed it yesterday, look to KaratPlus.

We Are a Local Repair Shop

KaratPlus has been serving the Greenville and surrounding cities for years and we know that being a Local Business and a Local Repair Shop is very important. We are a small team which strives for the upmost in customer service. We believe that being a Local Greenville Repair Shop is part of what makes KaratPlus your trusted Local Repair Shop. Top-notch quality. Competitive pricing. We pride ourselves in delivering the expert repairs you deserve at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for ring-sizing or diamond replacement, we have the experience and expertise to deliver exactly what you want, right on time.